Butterworth Lab Department of Cell Biology University of Pittsburgh
Butterworth LabDepartment of Cell BiologyUniversity of Pittsburgh

Latest News

Amanda Suda (ISB Graduate trainee) joins the lab. Welcome Amanda!

Nejla Yagan rejoins the lab. Good to have you back Nejla!

Highlights from the past 2 years

2022 (Sept) - New members join the lab, welcome Amanda and Nejla

2022 (July)  - Corinne awarded Renal T32 predoctoral fellowship 

2022 (May) - Paige accepted to Temple (Congrats Paige and good luck)

2022 (April) - EB held in Philly. Corinne presented a poster and talk

2021 (Sept) - Paige Newman joins the lab. Welcome Paige!

2021 (May) - R01 renewed! 

2021 (April) - Mike concludes his term as vice-chair of the APS Cell and Molecular Physiology Section after a virtual EB meeting

2021 (Feb) -  Review published in Mol. Cell Endocrinol.

2020 (Nov) - Mike receives AHA Innovative Project Award (2 years of funding from 2021-2022)

2020 (Sept) - FASEB J. paper published


Upcoming events

Upcoming conference information will be posted here.

- ASN in Orlando (Nov 3-6 2022)


A) Current funding   

1) NIH: R01 (DK102843) 2015-2025. Role of microRNAs in kidney sodium regulation. PI 

2) AHA: Innovative Project Award (20IPA35340007) 01/2021-12/2022. Monitoring microRNA function in living cells. PI 


B) Other              

5) NIH (T32) (DK091202) 2020-2025. Research Training in Pediatric Nephrology (Training Faculty. PI Bates).

6) NIH (T32) (DK061296) 2019-2024. Renal and Epithelial Biology Training Program. (Training Faculty. PI Kleyman) 

7) NIH (T32) (GM133353) 2020-2025. Interinstitutional Program in Cell and Molecular Biology (Training Faculty. PI Murray, Linstedt, Brodsky). 

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