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Butterworth LabDepartment of Cell BiologyUniversity of Pittsburgh

Latest News

Classes back in person for the fall (let's see for how long)

Highlights from the past 3 years

2021 (May) - R01 renewed! We are HIRING! Postdoctoral position will be advertised, but interested candidates should reach out!

2021 (April) - Mike concludes his term as vice-chair of the APS Cell and Molecular Physiology Section after a virtual EB meeting

2021 (Feb) -  Review published in Mol. Cell Endocrinol.

2020 (Nov) - Mike receives AHA Innovative Project Award (2 years of funding from 2021-2022)

2020 (Sept) - FASEB J. paper published

2020          - Scientific meetings all go virtual (EB 2020, 2021, ASN 2020)

2020 (May) - Bailey graduates (virtually) and leaves the lab (and Pitt) amid the pandemic lockdown. Good luck Bailey, hopefully 2021 is better! 

2019 (Dec) - Nejla leaves the lab and joins Ally O'Donnell's lab in Biological Sciences (you will be missed Nejla)

2019 (Nov) - Mike presents and Corinne attends ASN meeting in Washington, DC

2019 (Oct) - Mike presents at ENaC/Aldo meeting in Estes Park, CO

2019 (July) - Gradute Student Corinne Farrell joins the lab.

2019 (Jan) - Visiting Associate Professor Kelly Weixel takes a sabbatical in the lab

2019 (April) - Kaylee Williams acccepted into the Genetic Counseling Graduate Program at Pitt (Congrats, much deserved!)

Upcoming events

- Virtual meetings all!

- New Postdoc position open. Email if you want more information (michael7@pitt.edu).


A) Current funding   

1) NIH: R01 (DK102843) 2015-2025. Role of microRNAs in kidney sodium regulation. PI 

2) NIH: R01 (GM122091) 2017-2021. Altered Biosynthesis and Function of ABCC6 in Systemic Mineralization Disorders. Co-I (PI: P.Thibodeau)

3) AHA: Innovative Project Award (20IPA35340007) 01/2021-12/2022. Monitoring microRNA function in living cells. PI 


B) Other              

5) NIH (T32) (DK091202) 2020-2025. Research Training in Pediatric Nephrology (Training Faculty. PI Bates).

6) NIH (T32) (DK061296) 2019-2024. Renal and Epithelial Biology Training Program. (Training Faculty. PI Kleyman) 

7) NIH (T32) (GM133353) 2020-2025. Interinstitutional Program in Cell and Molecular Biology (Training Faculty. PI Murray, Linstedt, Brodsky). 

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