Butterworth Lab Department of Cell Biology University of Pittsburgh
Butterworth LabDepartment of Cell BiologyUniversity of Pittsburgh

Latest News

Bailey Cramer joins the lab. Welcome!

Highlights from the past 3 years


2018 (June) - Mike promoted with tenure

2017 (Nov) - Mike elected vice-chair of the Cell and Molecular Physiology Section of the American Physiological Society (APS). 

2017 (Nov) - Mike presents at ASN

2017 (August) - New lab members join

2017 (April) - Mike presents at microRNA session at EB2017 

2017 (April) - Congratulations Dr. Klemens. Chris successfully defends her thesis.

2017 (April) - Bob leaves the lab for a new position (you will be missed Bob)

2016 (Oct-Nov) - 2 papers published

2016 (Feb) - First RNASeq data lands.

2015 (June) - Bob Edinger joins the lab.

2015 (May) - Chris awarded an AHA Pre-Doctoral Grant.

2015 (May/June) - Lab expands into new space

2015 (May) - NIH R01 Funded for the microRNA work with 5 years of funding.

2015 (April) - Mike attends EB in Boston

2015 (March) - Mike presents seminars at the University of Cape Town and University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa

2015 (March) - Chris and Mike attend WCN/ISN conference in Cape Town, South Africa


Upcoming events

- Aldosterone Meeting New Orleans (March 2019)

- Experimental Biology in Orlando (April 2019)

- ENaC in Airway Symposium at EB (to be co-chaired my Mike and Mike Althaus)

- ENaC meeting Colorado (October 2019)






Department of Cell Biology

S314 SBT (office)

S353/9 (labs)
203 Lothrop St, Pittsburgh, PA

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